No, I am not giving you an order neither a suggestion.. ok, it can be seen a little bit as a suggestion, to be fair. More than that, LEARN is something I have been doing (or trying to do) in my PhD.

‘Yeah, like  everyone else doing a PhD’ – You might think!

Not quite so, and not because I am different from everyone else, but just because I don’t literally mean it in as in “learn”, the verb. Not just.

LEARN is a project and it contains anything I believe in on the way to become a better person (yes, a better person, not a better scientist). It is an acronym for “LEARN Every day A Remarkable Notion”.

I am night shower person, but instead of having brilliant ideas and admirable moments of clarity about life, the universe and everything, I spent my reflection time drawing conclusions about the past day. And it can gets very depressing. It often feels like my days are passing with me doing nothing, or nothing that matters at least. As if I completely wasted my time. And time, and jelly beans, are the most important thing we have. At the beginning of the year, I argued that it is just a matter of looking at things from far away to appreciate the big picture. Now I am taking a little step further: I want to give importance to the small things. I decided that in my PhD, or what is left of it, I would learn one thing everyday. Sometime it is something really important for the project, some others times it is something it would turn useful just for personal growth, and often it would be some weird curiosity one of my peers informed me during lunch time.

I have the power to make valuable all the time I spend doing this job, and if I learn something everyday, I will be a better person. From the small and funny things to the big ones. I will be posting them weekly, for everyone to learn something new and/or just help you focus on what you have learnt that day, that you never consider important.

Why am I so proud of it that I want to share it with the world?

  1. It is my first recursive acronym, and I love recursive acronyms – you have been acronymincepted! Welcome.
  2. It makes me feel good with myself and help to put things in perspective and highlights the positive achievements, even the ones that looks so minor!
  3. It is easy for blogging, and hopefully, it will help me to blog more.

So, stay tuned for a weekly update of LEARN!