LEARN is a personal project  on my way to become a better person. It is an acronym for “LEARN Every day A Remarkable Notion”. Because time, and jelly beans, are the most precious thing we have, I want to make sure I am not wasting them.

I decided that in my PhD, or what was left of it when I started this project, I would learn one thing everyday. Sometime it is something really important for the project, some others times it is something it would turn useful just for personal growth, and often it would be some weird curiosity one of my peers informed me during lunch time.

And if this collection of weird stuff might put a smile on your face, as it put it on mine, I would feel like it was all worth it..

What are you waiting?

Scroll down, pick a topic and start LEARNing!

  • LEARN #1: on Houghes transforms, chicken, ants conquering the word and PCA analysis
  • LEARN #2: on dancing optically trapped particles, starsand, teleportation and evil scientist goggles
  • LEARN #3: on programming, gorilla loving kittens, biomimetic MEMS and the quintessence of the universe
  • LEARN #4: 2016 Nobel special issue!
  • LEARN #5: on funny animals, weird plants, in vivo manipulation,  alcohol and spiders on drugs