I have currently selected all the researchers for the first series of Draw My Science. If you want to be informed about the next round of interviews, subscribe to my newsletter. I will announce it there and give priority to subscribers.

I would love to work together, so I want to make sure we are on the same page. Here is a quick FAQ to help you decide if you want to be part of this project.

What is “Draw my science”?

“Draw my science” is a series of blog posts featuring extracts from an interview we will be doing together. The blog posts will be formatted to include illustrations inspired by your science.

How will we do the interview?

We can meet through videoconference. I will send you a doodle to decide what is the best time for you. If you live in the Bay Area or around Seattle, we can meet in person over coffee.

Will you record me?

Yes. I will record the videoconference. This will help me be accurate when publishing the interview and reviewing the content for the illustrations. If you are uncomfortable being video-recorded, we can stop the video and record only the voice.

How long will the interview be?

We are all busy scientists, so I will try to keep it short. I aim to have 30 min interviews, but I will reserve 60 min in my schedule so that we have extra time if you need 20 more minutes to tell me all about an amazing story you really care.

Will the interview be edited?

Yes. I will edit the interview to reduce it in size and remove any digressions we might be going through during the video call.

Where are you going to publish the interview?

The interview is going to be published on this blog, newoldscience.com, and on my personal account on Medium.

When are you going to publish the interview?

I do not have a fixed schedule for these blog posts, but I aim to publish them one per month. At the time of our interview, I will be able to provide you with a tentative date of publication.

Will I receive the interview blog post before it is published?

Yes, you will receive the copy of the blog post before publication. I will not publish the final piece until you have checked it and approve it.

What should I give you to make the illustrations and the interview?

For the interview, I will need any relevant link to your personal page and socials you want to share. I will mostly base the illustrations on our chat, but I will also appreciate any pictures that you have generated with your research that I can use for inspiration. I will also need a picture of you.

Are you going to draw me?

Yes, if you agree to. One of the illustrations I want to include for each interview is a stylised portrait of the interviewed scientist. Of course, would you feel uncomfortable having an illustrated portrait and/or sharing one of your picture with me, I will omit this illustration in the post about your interview.

What types of illustrations will you be making?

I will make editorial illustrations. This means that the illustrations will be stylised and not necessarily realistic. I will use a variety of media, from traditional ink and paper (my favourite!) to digital illustrations.

Who own the rights of the final drawings?

I will own the rights of the final illustrations.

How are you going to use the drawings?

I will use the illustrations as part of the blog post with your interview on my blog, newoldscience.com, and on Medium. I will also include them to my Instagram account and to my portfolio.

Except for the illustrations including your portrait, I retain the right to use the finished illustration for any merchandise that I might be producing in the future.

Can I use the drawings for my own work?

Yes. As a thank you for participating in this project, I will give you a high-resolution version of the illustrations that you can use for any non-commercial purpose, e.g. on your own website or on your socials. All you will need to do to use them is to give credit.

Can I withdraw my participation?

Yes. You can withdraw at any time. As soon as you let me know that you cannot take part in the project, I will stop working on the post and delete the recording of the interview (if had already happened). However, except for the illustration including your portrait, I will retain the right to complete the other illustrations and publish them on my Instagram account, on my portfolio or use them for future projects.

Can I have the interview removed once it has already been published?

Yes. Even after the interview has been published, you can ask to be modified or removed.

Can I have the illustrations removed once they have already been published?

Yes and no. I will remove any illustration including your portrait, but I will retain the right to maintain any other illustrations on my Instagram account and in my portfolio.

My question is not here…

Drop me an email at valentina@inkingscience.com for any question that I have not included here!

Looking forward to being inspired by what you are working on!