Rock Chicken Rock!

The Last Jedi is on the big screens, Christmas carols are all around the streets, kids have already looked secretly at their presents.. and while the festive atmosphere fills the air, I am writing my PhD thesis. In the search for the best dissertation title, I have shortlisted: What Bobafett and …

Once upon a time in a lab…

awesome (ˈɔːsəm ) , adjective Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe: the awesome power of the atomic bomb informal Extremely good; excellent: the band is truly awesome! This is the definition of awesome from the Oxford Online Dictionary. I have my own: awesome (ˈɔːsəm ) , adjective Containing at least three of the following: a good friend, geekery, …

Travelling, geek science way

Moon-Venus-Mars Skyline – Image Credit & Copyright: Jay Ouellet

This morning I woke up staring at the skyline of Quebec city on my phone. A nice reminder of why I am doing this job.

Science is closely related to travelling, and be staring at beautiful landscapes. If you are a scientist, you probably know about those moments in which none of your experiments is working as you would like and you ask yourself why you did not follow your mother’s suggestion to study medicine or law to count on a stable carrier. And then you look at the window and a deer is peacefully wondering in the garden of the dormitory you are staying in a small cosy city in Belgium. And inevitably, you smile. Travelling! Travelling, and getting to know new research groups, sometime is what you need to remind you that all the studies you have done are worthwhile.

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