New Old-Fashioned Physics

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo Da Vinci

What is this blog about?

If I was able to answer this question, I wouldn’t started this blog. This blog is mostly an useful exercise to understand where I am going.

I have a degree in physics. I research in cellular biology. Times to times, I do some chemistry. Not long time ago, I found the best answer to overcome the great discomfort I feel when people ask me what I do. “Do you have in mind the idea of scientist in the beginning of 19th century? That kind scientist that has the pleasure to work with every subject, no matter what was graduated in? Well, I am like those. I go where my curiosity brings me!newoldscientitst

Some implicit consequences of my reply are that I travel a lot, I get my hands dirty with lots of different sciences, and most of the time, of course, I am lost. But the good side of being lost is that you probably see places that others fear to reach.

Here I am, with a luggage almost always ready, with a great desire of knowing more, with the pleasure of sharing. Because sharing, mixing, contaminating, is the new old way of doing science. The only way to make my mind clear and discover who I am and where really I am going. And more importantly, it is the only way I am able to do science. It is the only way I want to do science.

Follow me, if you too like to get lost.

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