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Valentina Ferro Profile Picture

I am Valentina, an experimental physicist and editorial science illustrator.

I love light-matter interactions. That’s why I spent my Ph.D. working on optical tweezers at the University of Dundee. Or like I called it somewhere on this website, being a space pirate!

I am now working as an instrumentation scientist at the Advanced Bioimaging Center at the University of Berkeley. I am proud to contribute to pushing the boundaries of light microscopy to new frontiers.

Besides doing science, I also love talking about science. That’s why I spend my free time to communicate science through editorial science illustrations — check my portfolio to find out more about it. I also made an illustrated book, that you can buy here.

I also volunteer for the Marie Curie Alumni Association, of which I have been an elected vice-chair since 2018, where I can help giving a voice to the researchers’ community, with the objective to build a more informed and evidence-based society.

If I have any free time left, I travel: I lived in 5 different countries and visited more than 20. I am always happy to relax cozying up with my cat Po, or discussing absurd ideas over a beer with friends and interesting new people.