I am an experimental physicist graduated from the University of Catania, a PhD candidate in biophysics at the University of Dundee and a space pirate currently based on planet earth.

On New Old Science, I explore creative ways to communicate science. You can find science news, curiosities worth sharing, research-related comedy shows, illustrations and infographics about science! And cats. Sometimes you will find pictures of cats.

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Vera Rubin
Inking Science Day 16 - Vera Rubin and the Angular motion of galaxies.
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Enrico Fermi
Inking Science Day 15 - Enrico Fermi and the weak force.
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Richard Feynman
Inking Science Day 14 - Richard Feynman and that time the clock stopped.
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Tim Berners-Lee
Inking Science Day 13 - Tim Barners-Lee guarding the internet
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I love to draw. Even more, I love to draw science and use illustrations for science communication.