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Working from home can be a double-edged sword. From one side, it gives a lot of flexibility; but it also demands increadible self-discipline.

Under the shadow of the covid-19 emergency, a lot of workers have to work from home to ensure the safety of the community and help slow down the spread of the virus.

I personally have been struggling with working from home and needed to make adjustments to my habits to make it enjoyable. I collected a series of tips that have helped me to make work from home enjoyable and healthy. Hope they can help you too.

Maintain a normal routine

Even if you can now, avoid the temptation to stay in pajamas the whole day. Shower, put on make-up if you do, get dressed. Maintaining your standard routine will help you shift your mindset from “relaxing at home” to “be productive at work”.

Keep healthy boundaries

Work with your coworkers to maintain a healthy schedule. Decide a time schedule for work, and stick with it.

Create boundaries between work and home. These can be physical boundaries, like only working in a specific room in your house. Or they can be symbolic boundaries, like having two different accounts on your laptop, one for work and one for leisure. Hopefully, these tricks will help you to disconnect, unwind and recharge for the next day.

Be active

Stretch regularly every hour, stand up take a short walk around the house, and rest your eyes. This is particularly important if your workstation at home is not ergonomic as it would be at your workplace.

If your health conditions allow it, do some other type of regular exercise that can be done at home, like calisthenics and yoga. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, use deep breathing techniques and meditation to bring you back in the moment.

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