October 4th: Spell

The internet is populated with quirky geeky t-shirts. And great deal of them read “Physicist – noun, someone who solved a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you didn’t understand. See also wizard, magician.”

Except physics had nothing to do with magic. It is much more powerful. Every physicist knows, for example, that Schroedinger is the most powerful spell in nature. Given the right components, it can be used, and it has, to solve almost every problem.

And while applying it to solve problems does not involve any wizardry, only an inspired soul like Erwin Schroedinger could come up with that almost out of thin air. To the point that even Feynman once declared:

Where did we get that [Schrödinger’s equation] from? It’s not possible to derive it from anything you know. It came out of the mind of Schrödinger.

If you are wondering what’s going on here, look at this post: Inking Science

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