I am an experimental physicist and a science illustrator. I am also a space pirate currently based on planet earth.

On New Old Science, I explore creative ways to communicate science. You can find science news, curiosities worth sharing, research-related comedy shows, illustrations and infographics about science! And cats. Sometimes you will find pictures of cats.

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Family Connections – Interview with Dr. Jennifer Honeycutt
An illustrated interview with Dr. Jennifer Honeycutt, assistant professor of psychology & neuroscience at Bowdoin College. We talk about her research on the consequence of early life adversity.
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How Feynman teaches us to have fun with science
A picture of young Richard Feynman from the ID Badge used at Los Alamos Feynman was famous for his sense of humor. It is understandable...
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I love to draw. Even more, I love to draw science and use illustrations for science communication.