The Author… unveiled

Who am I? Not the philosophical way… but more, what do I do everyday? You can discover part of my days by following the very unregular update of my LEARN posts.

But I never answered the annoying question, what is my research about? Some hints here and there.. but not a great deal of details

Since younger me was more motivated than the empty shell currently writing this blog, I let her telling you… (there is also a more “mature” version of it.. less swearing, compensated by some sexual innuendo)

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Learn #4 – Week 118 of PhD *Late

♪♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year…♪♫

Oc(Ink)tober is just finished, Christmas lights start covering the city and I finally get sometime to go back on track with my duty to communicate science to friends (as well as keeping a diary of notions I learn so I feel like I value my time).

It was the beginning of October the last time we met, and what happened next was a week plenty of exciting science: Nobel!!! Let’s learn (briefly) who won, plus (to make up for the delay), a list of associated curiosities.

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